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Local Hub Listing

As an Advantage Member you can add and update your products and services, contact details, logo, imagery and even brochures in a full listing.

View an example of a full listing by going to the Hub you are interested in and clicking on the menu link “Info for” expertise area.

Premium Listing

Looking for something more? Our hubs also feature premium listings, where not only do you get the full listing in the searchable directory, there are also 4 additional webpages on the website as your own mini-website, complete with your contact information and room for further detailed information regarding your services, brochures and even contact forms. If you are self-employed or a small practice and don’t have your own website, this is perfect for you!


Showcasing Talent

With our marketing and social media teams, we are building a platform to showcase UK businesses. You can have a basic listing for free, which can be updated with Advantage Membership (free in 2021) to include your own dedicated page, product / service images, brochures, location map and much more information, all for your business.


Our Support and Partners

Our databases include many thousands of other businesses that could be your potential clients. Ask us how we can help. Our 100+ partnered business consultants and directors cover the whole of the UK, so you can see why we are so invested in making this work.

Our partners TSZ Hubs, are expanding into 200+ locations across the country and Idea to Business, an incubator/accelerator for businesses starting, growing or scaling,  provide us with unique benefits with access to office space and over 50 private equity/venture capitalist firms.


Why now?

Our belief is that it will take a few months to fully launch and now is absolutely the right time to do this. There may be enquiries and may even be sales – how we deal with enquiries is also your choice, we can either contact you or our customer can contact you directly, this is something you can discuss with your Listings Ambassador.

By the end of this year, you will either see the benefit of showcasing your services on our platform or it has been a complete flop! Either way it doesn’t matter, you did not spend any money, you did not waste your time, we made the investment and we gave it a go to help you out!


Make the most out of your listing

The information we have gathered has been taken from the public domain and is freely available, but does not really reflect your business in a way to attract customers. Value can be added by details of your products, services and images.

To find out more about how to make the most out of your listing, go to the Hub that you are interested in and in the main menu select, “Info for” expert category. 


What to expect this year

We hope by using our resources to make this investment and keeping our valued staff busy, it is a productive way to make a difference, setting up a platform that will eventually work for you and for us.

The ability to fully edit your listing page is complementary until the end of 2021. In 2022, it is your decision whether you wish to continue for a small fee, there will be no hard sell, it will be 100% your choice, if you don’t like what we have done for you, if you didn’t gain any new customers, if you saw no value after a year – do nothing, your listing become a basic one again. If, on the other hand, you wish to continue, just give us a call, pay a £500 (+ VAT) listing fee and we will promote your business for a further 12 months.

Do nothing = No cost but could lead to missed opportunities.

It is your choice.

Sell on your terms

Our Hubs are here to help you build and maintain relationships, as well as enable connections with potential new clients. We don’t impose any terms or get involved with the business between you and your clients. We do expect great service though!


Do you want to join our hubs?

Use the form below to get in touch, or select the most appropriate Hub and contact them directly.

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